An example voting device called terminal

Voting Systems

A computer-operated voting system provides a smooth process of voting and saves a lot of precious time.

The voting is processed by wired or wireless devices called terminals. Each voter has its own terminal, and during the voting he or she is obliged to use it.

With LIVE TV, each city, commune or district council or a local parliament can broadcast professional TV multi-camera transmissions from a session on their own.

Main advantages

Thanks to maximum simplification, the voting process is smooth and much more faster. There is no risk of manipulating or capturing the reseluts by third parties. When the voting ends, system collects votes and presents results on the screen. Applied technical and software solutions provide:

  • reliability,
  • security,
  • transparency
  • secrecy (if required),
  • instant publication of results,
  • shorten of the proceedings,
  • different ways of graphical presentation of the votes.

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