Roland V-4

The compact video switcher full of features

The V-4 is a 4-channel video switcher made for portable and installation use. It is ideal nightclubs, churches, theatres and other performances. The compact design of the switcher gives you the possibility of making your video sources alive. The device is a part of the Roland SD video mixer line.

For multimedia artists, the V-4 offers V-LINK - an exciting solution from Roland that offers a realtime performance control over digital video. V-LINK allows the producer to trigger clips, select video effects and transitions in real-time when connected with the PR-80 (sold separately). The video mixer also provides MIDI in/out/through, for real-time or sequenced control of video sources with effects and transitions.

Main advantages:

  • video switcher with 4ch input,
  • independent 2-channel TBC/frame synchronizer,
  • independent 2-channel digital effects,
  • quality T-Bar video fader,
  • easy operation,
  • beat synchronization between audio and video,
  • more than 200 transition effects

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  • The city councils
  • Churches
  • Conference rooms
  • Schools & universities
  • TV studios
  • Radio studios
  • Sports facilities
  • Cultural centres
  • Clubs & discos
  • Shops & malls

  • Video format: NTSC or PAL (ITU601),
  • Video sampling rate: 13.5MHz, 4:2:2 (Y: B-Y: R-Y), 8-bit Frame Synchronizer x 2,
  • Video inputs:S-Video: 4-pin mini DIN type x 2 (inputs 1 or 2), Video (composite): RCA pin type x 4,
  • Video outputs: S-Video: 4-pin mini DIN type x 1, Video (composite): RCA pin type x 2,
  • Preview out: Video (composite): RCA pin type x 1,
  • Control connectors: MIDI (in/out), V-LINK, BPM synch, TAP,
  • Transition effects: Hard Edge Wipe, Soft Edge Wipe, Multi-Border Wipe,
  • Composite effects: Picture-in-Picture, Luminance Key, Chroma Key,
  • Video effects: Strobe, Still, Mirror, Multi, Shake.

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