Live TV Mobile Workstation

Live TV Mobile Workstation contains all the elements necessary to control up to 8 robotic PTZ TV cameras all along with vMix capabilties (audio & video mixing, recording and broadcast events) - all closed in one ready to go system box.

It was created in response to the needs of our customers who use Live TV systems in many different places. Due to the relatively low weight and size, a TV producer may at any time easily prepare his work place.The workstation is ready to connect other components of the Live TV system, such as: robotic cameras and external audio mixer.

Live TV Mobile Workstation is a fully equipped tool for broadcasting and recording live events. The product contains high-quality HD-SDI video caputre card. With this mobile system you can reduce the number of crew needed to make live broadcast to just one person. Ease of use makes it not even have to be a person with experience of tv productions. Housing in the form of a suitcase helps to carry the devices easily and provides additional protection during transport.

Live TV Mobile Workstation proved correctly both in live broadcast and recording from churches, classrooms, e-learning, entertainment, sports halls, open air events etc

The system is available in various configurations.

An Example configuration and parameters:

  • 4x HD-SDI Output/Input, 1x HDMI Input/Output
  • 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 4x COM to PTZ camera control
  • 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD
  • Built in 21,5” 1920x1080 LCD display (touchscreen option)
  • Suitcase shaped casing, designed for safe air transport (flightcase)
  • Full version of vMix HD included
  • Newest version of Live TV Studio 4 software included (remote control of up to 8 PTZ TV robotic HD/SD cameras from SONY, PANASONIC, LIVETV etc. and to advanced control of many vMIX functions)

Example Live TV Mobile Workstation includes additional accessories, such as: wireless mouse, keyboard and 3D joystick designed for camera control.

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