Live TV Studio Pro HD

Tools for professional live TV broadcast

Live TV Studio PRO HD is a software for multi-camera web broadcast from:

  • town council, county council and voivodship sessions
  • churches (Holy Mass, liturgical ceremonies)
  • conference rooms (symposia, unions, events)
  • sport halls (competitions, games, events)
  • lecture halls (presentations, e-learning, school tv)
  • culture centres, music halls, theatres
  • district registries (weddings)
  • radio studios (interviews, online show from studio)
  • clubs, dancing clubs, music events (for VJs)
  • shops, boutiques, markets (marketing presentations, shows)

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Works in HD (High Definition)

This version of Live TV Studio allows you to work with camera's with HD mode (High Definition).

Controlling up to four PTZ cameras:

You can control cameras and other functions both with the mouse and joystick. A 3D joystick (for example great EXTREME 3D PRO from Logitech) lets You smoothly operate a camera

Live view:

A milestone interface lets You keep an eye on images from four cameras and their control panels at the same time.

Controlling video switcher:

Live TV Studio PRO HD offers you an extraordinary ability to control not only the cameras, but video switchers as well.

Multimedia projector:

Multimedia projectors can add to your own show many multimedias: movies, logos, pictures, animations, presentations, business cards, scoreboard, etc.

LTVS Playout - automatize your system:

This software give cameras and video switcher ability to work in automatic realization mode at certain intervals of time from one preset to another (in loop or not). Your video system now will work even if you are away from it!

Control remotely your LIVE TV System:

You can install your video system whenever you need it to and you dont need to control it from exact same place! Now you can control it from home, work - every place on the Earth by the TCP/IP protocol!

And many more...

Live TV Studio PRO HD have many many more functions, to find out it download a trial version and check yourself even today!

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