Most important innovative features of the best remote control suite for TV & videoconference PTZ cams and video switchers


User Interface

A milestone interface lets you keep an eye on live view from up to 8 PTZ cameras and their control panels at the same time:

  • on one screen of computer you can see buttons, sliders and checkboxes that operate all important camera functions,
  • report every change of their state live from up to 8 cameras on a application window modified by the user .

In fact, with this software you do not need to install a separate preview monitor for each camera!
It is possible to smoothly fit the user interface to screen resolutions up to FULL HD 1920x1080.

Control of cameras PTZ and other functions

You can control cameras and other functions both with the mouse and joystick.

A 3D joystick (for example great EXTREME 3D PRO from Logitech) lets you smoothly operate a camera. In this control mode, speed of P/T (Pan/Tilt) position change is directly proportional to an angle which the joystick leans at in X and Y axes and to zooming in/out in a Z axis (“twisting” the joystick's handle).



Two smooth control operation modes

LIVE TV STUDIO provides two smooth joystick control operation modes:

Operating cameras from 1 to 8 with only one joystick

Camera selection buttons are on the top of the stick. This mode makes all the work comfortable and quick so that it can be done by one person only - you can select a camera (1-4 and 5-8), change its PTZ position and set (record) and read the PTZ presets (up to 999 presets!) with only one hand used.

Independent camera control

You and other persons can operate/control each camera with an individual joystick! This is an ideal solution for more difficult tasks when several people are needed to complete the broadcast: concerts, sports, events very difficult to film etc. You can use gamepads, USB or wireless (Microsoft XBOX) too

Changing joystick's speed range

For your convenience, the application lets you select one from four PTZ speed change ranges possible (for the same angle which the joystick leans at): 100%, 75%, 50% and 25%.
So PTZ speed changes are smoother, setting PTZ positions is more precise, panoramas are soft etc.



Creating, recording and reading camera presets

The application lets you create, record and describe (name) a big number of constant PTZ camera settings (presets).

A current version of the application lets you record up to 999 PTZ positions for each camera in total and – for EVI series and LIVETV580SD series cameras – record up to 6 PTZ presets with additional settings data directly in camera memory and – for some BRC series cameras – record 16 presets in camera memory (this number depends on a camera model).

That is not all. You can name each preset as you want in a textfield next to a preset what makes the staff's control over presets easier and lets them quickly select a preset during live broadcasts.

You can type the view name into a textfield. Together with the PTZ data software record a snapshot from the camera live view (thumbnail). When you need to broadcast a similar event as you did before, the application helps you with that by giving you the possibility to save all presets together with their descriptions on a hard disk and read them from the disk next time!

So you can be ready with the setting of camera presets next time very quickly. This function is particularly useful when you need to install a LIVE TV set for regular transmissions, for example in a conference room, session room, lecture theatre, worship, TV and radio studio etc.

Multifunctional joystick 4D – incredibly easy operation

Multifunctional 3D EXTREME PRO joystick lets you control a camera with only one hand so you can handle the mixer with the other one, for example. In practice, you use the mouse only from time to time.

By using only the joystick, you can:
  • smoothly operate (speed of changes depends on an angle the joystick leans at) camera movements independently in 3 PTZ axes
  • fast record and read each preset (1-30) of cameras 1-4
  • use an operation mode that allows minimum camera movements in Pan/Tilt axes (changing their P/T positions by a minimum distance possible what gives you greatly precise camera-positioning)
  • select and change settings in manual mode, including apertures, shutters, intensification and colour balance, exposure value etc.

All the things above can be done with the same joystick without the need to use the mouse or keyboard (but you can use them as well).
Ergonomic design of 3D EXTREME PRO joysticks that can be used for several hours with no feeling that your hand is beginning to tire even during long broadcasts and smooth camera control they guarantee are just what you need.

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Different joystick operation modes

You can switch joystick operation modes in all 3 axes (invert) for each camera independently every time you need.

It lets you operate cameras working in inverse position (180 degrees) in a normal way and adjust them to settings the staff is used to. In the application, you can also lock each of PTZ axes independently what lets you get only a horizontal panorama (T and Z axes locked), for example.

For each camera model, a HPM (High-Precision Moving – a precise change of camera positions by a minimum angle that depends on a camera model) mode was developed. When you program presets, you can precisely frame a picture even when it is zoomed in to the maximum. The function is triggered by key shortcuts (two or more joystick's key pressed at the same time)

Camera control over LAN/WiFi/Internet

The application also offers a unique wireless remote control system for cameras and other devices such as overhead projectors.

it means almost remote broadcasting via the Internet or WiFI. A part of LIVE TV STUDIO 4, special TCP/IP-based software Live TV Studio Cross Control Center - lets you remote control any cameras connected to a remote computer (via LAN, WiFi, Internet).



Unique remote projection (LIVE TV STUDIO PRO)

You can remotely open and play graphics and audio/video files on another computer/notebook on the Internet (business cards, animations, movies etc.).

After you select an automatic mode, every time you change a camera preset, a camera will not only move to a new position but also graphics/movie displayed on a remote computer will automatically change as selected for particular presets before the broadcast.

You can, for example, connect output of this remote computer to input of the video switcher. Once you do that, you have less work and mistakes possible when selecting graphics with last names of presented people (business cards).

Remote projection driver (LIVE TV STUDIO PRO)

This is a special application from LIVE TV STUDIO package - named LIVE REMOTE PROJECTION PILOT.

The software lets you display graphics and animations and play audio/video files on a remote computer (connected via LAN / WiFi / Internet) by pressing a button with the mouse or by pressing a key on the keyboard.

The application also lets you select keys on a control computer for displaying and playing files on remote computer.



Automation use of LIVE TV STUDIO with LTVS Scripting

LTVS Scripting is shortcut name from Live TV Studio Scripting.

This software gives cameras and video switcher ability to work in automatic realization mode at certain intervals from one preset to another (in loop or not). The application has been designed to be simple and user-friendly. It has been written in such way that it is also possible to edit the code of commands directly from the application or with any text editor, i.e. notepad – in text mode (which allows to copy/paste operations on a large number of commands).

Easy to use

Using the application is nice and easy so you quickly learn everything you need to enjoy its extended functionality.

If you need any help, move your mouse over a control element and a dynamic hint will be displayed for you ! You can also simply press F1.


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