A simple comparison between our systems and the functioning of the traditional TV studio

The costs of running a small TV studio is proportional to the number of crew. If you need only one person instead of few, your costs ale lower.

TV Studios

Equipment in modern news TV studios

Hi-tech remotely operated SONY BRC and EVI series cameras are automated TV cameras that were designed for various use, but you can best enjoy its capabilities in TV production studios and during live transmissions. Outside broadcasting vans all over the world have used brilliant SONY HD cameras for years.

Remotely operated SONY cameras are essential equipment of every automated TV studio today, they are particularly useful in news studios and in rather small, local and regional TV stations. They let limit a number of people necessary to take care of a broadcast thus considerably reducing costs.

Why is it profitable

At the same time, they extend technical capabilities without a need to involve extra costs. You can remotely set the PTZ value (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) and other most important camera parameters with various systems that are typically quite expensive. That is why we recommend you to buy the newest and affordable universal application package for live transmissions and TV studios

Why live TV?

LIVE TV systems make broadcasts easier and minimise transmission costs at the same time by using:

  • automated remotely operated SONY TV cameras
  • software for one-person control
  • optimal solutions for broadcasting from sessions of councils and local parliaments
  • the best streaming offers (also those free of charge)

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