An example installation of robotic cameras in sport centre

You need only two PTZ cameras to start broadcasting sport events from hall, field, stadium, court or swimming pool. LIVE TV systems are easy to expand: by adding more cameras you extend your ability to make an attractive program

Sport Facilities

LIVE TV system fixed in a sports hall lets fans support their teams in all games organised in it

You can have a live transmission from concerts and other interesting and important events that are hosted in a hall. A live broadcast is a modern form of financial support for sports competitions intended for attracting sponsors – it is undeniably easier to get a sponsor by increasing a number of spectators.

What is more, more people can see banners and advertising boards placed in a hall – they can bring more profits than before. It is also possible to broadcast advertising videos before and after each online transmission and other effective TV marketing forms

Quite low purchase and operation costs of LIVE TV let you get a quick and sure return on investment. Owners of sports halls and objects, that is clubs, schools, universities, can only benefit from it.

LIVE TV makes sports even more popular

During live web broadcasts you can cheer yourr favourite players through an interactive support option offered by LIVE TV: via text messages, chats, videoconferences etc. It is also possible to show spectators' advices, wishes and comments live (chat) on a website where a broadcast is run and on screens in a hall.

The LIVE TV STUDIO application enable a user to smoothly and quickly operate each of cameras and keep up with what is currently happening in a game. With incredibly fast mechanisms and engines, SONY cameras react to moving objects (players, a ball etc.) at once, without any delay, so an image is always up to date. They were just designed to run spectacular live transmissions. Zoom up to 20x makes SONY cameras capable of tracking every object in a hall.

With your sports hall equipped with LIVE TV, you will be also able to record events with more than one camera at the same time. Such a possibility lets you precisely study a strategy, a tactic, it makes it easier for you to discover mistakes made by players. LIVE TV gives coaches information from several points of view that are necessary to improve players' sports level.

Why live TV?

LIVE TV systems make broadcasts easier and minimise transmission costs at the same time by using:

  • automated remotely operated SONY TV cameras
  • software for one-person control
  • optimal solutions for broadcasting from sessions of councils and local parliaments
  • the best streaming offers (also those free of charge)

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