Shops & Malls

You do not need to hire a company and many specialists even during the biggest ceremonies and cultural events

Live image broadcasting with interactive cameras can also have a commercial use: presenting goods offered in a store, couture houses, furniture shops or live broadcasting from marketing events, trade fairs etc.

It is possible to organise professional and interactive contests while making use of cameras remotely operated by customers visiting a store website

We also have some ready propositions and solutions prepared for department stores.

Advantages of PTZ cameras

Hi-tech functions offered by the newest, automated and remotely operated SONY EVI/BRC cameras introduce many innovative forms of promotion and marketing support.

Do you want to make more money from your store, couture house or furniture shop? Simply install a spectacular LIVE TV system ! With compact, remotely operated SONY cameras, customers can get to know your offer without a need to leave home.

Once they get to your website, they will see all the goods you offer in your store live, even after or before opening hours.

All for the customers

Each customer who remotely selects one of SONY EVI/BRC cameras installed in a building and operates it will have an opportunity to take a closer look at goods offered in the store. At the same time, they will not take the store staff's time and will be able to get to know the offer from every place in the world.

LIVE TV systems bring particular benefits during cultural and marketing events that are organised in big department stores. They can be used then to run a TV broadcast from the event and a live transmission in a TV network and/or local TV channel at the same time.

Why live TV?

LIVE TV systems make broadcasts easier and minimise transmission costs at the same time by using:

  • automated remotely operated SONY TV cameras
  • software for one-person control
  • optimal solutions for broadcasting from sessions of councils and local parliaments
  • the best streaming offers (also those free of charge)

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