An example installation of robotic cameras in auditorium of The Faculty of Humanities in The University of Szczecin

Our client decided to self-install the system. The system includes three LIVE TV 580 SD cameras, workstation and ATEM Television Studio switcher. That equipment is managed by the latest version of LIVE TV Studio software.

Schools & Universities

With LIVE TV used in e-learning purposes, you can show lectures and training courses to people in every place in the world in an attractive and convenient way Hi-tech remotely operated SONY BRC and EVI series cam

Hi-tech remotely operated SONY BRC and EVI series cameras are automated TV cameras that were designed for various use, but you can best enjoy its capabilities in TV production studios and during live transmissions. Outside broadcasting vans all over the world have used brilliant SONY HD cameras for years.

You do not need to have a great investment – installation costs of basic LIVE TV systems are quite low in comparison with benefits and results they give to you. What is also important – low operation costs of LIVE TV – you just need ONLY ONE PERSON even for the most challenging TV transmissions.

Other purposes

Another interesting example when LIVE TV can be used is medicine. Remotely operated SONY cameras can record operations so you do not need to enter an operating theatre.

LIVE TV will work out in each school, each university etc. Our systems are essential in all schools and colleges with a journalism course as they let set up and broadcast your own professional TV channel cheaply and easily.

LIVE TV makes everyone take part in a course regardless of where they actually are. All they must do is to have access to the Internet.

More effective learning

A learning process becomes attractive to students so it is also more effective as it stimulates and involves all the most important senses. Full interactivity, an opportunity to remotely check your knowledge with tests, conversations etc. are another advantages you should be aware of.

You can share classes recorded with LIVE TV with your students on the Internet so they can study them for as long as they want and when they want. A training video can also combine animations and interactive elements useful to understand the content.

Why live TV?

LIVE TV systems make broadcasts easier and minimise transmission costs at the same time by using:

  • automated remotely operated SONY TV cameras
  • software for one-person control
  • optimal solutions for broadcasting from sessions of councils and local parliaments
  • the best streaming offers (also those free of charge)

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