An example installation of robotic cameras in conference room in Skype Technology

The EVI-HD1 camera combines a HD video camera with the flexibility of remote PTZ operation. With 14 formats (eight HD types and six SD video formats), this device allows end-users to decide when they are ready to change from SD to HD. The EVI-HD1 is familiar with existing videoconferencing systems and will be compatible with HD based ones in the near future.

Conference Rooms

Turn your conference room into a professinal TV studio and make money from live broadcasts

Attract new customers with a new possibility: professional TV live broadcasts from your conference room. LIVE TVs are also brilliant for recording events.

Optimised and innovative LIVE TV systems make live multi-camera broadcasting incredibly easy, especially when you need to run a transmission from a conference room.

With these capabilities, live broadcasts from typical events can be run by only one person – it can be one of your employees previously trained by one of our specialists.

Why live broadcasting?

You can now have an interactive presentation of your conference room for everyone interested, live and all day long. While remotely operating cameras via the Internet, your future customer will discover all the pluses of your conference room, saving their and your time and money. LIVE TV have another functions too – e.g. it remotely turns on a room lighting system.

Why live TV?

LIVE TV systems make broadcasts easier and minimise transmission costs at the same time by using:

  • automated remotely operated SONY TV cameras
  • software for one-person control
  • optimal solutions for broadcasting from sessions of councils and local parliaments
  • the best streaming offers (also those free of charge)

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