Auto-tracking Systems

LIVETVSYSTEMS provides conference microphones with special function called The Auto-tracking System.

LIVE TV system for meeting rooms is not only the video equipment. The package can also include other elements, such as conference microphones.

How the system works?

If you want to get the benefits of using microphones with auto tracking, first you have to install the system with few LIVTV robotic cameras in the conference room. Auto-tracking is a technology that allows the camera for automatic following the sound source - the voice of a councilor. When one of the councilors presses the microphone switch button, pre-programmed camera will instantly change its position and show that councilor.

Attractive program to the audience and convenience to the producer

Proper use of the auto-tracking system is a key in attractive program for viewers who want to see the meetings of the local government. The producer does not need to select a new position for the cameras each time some of the councilors speaks, as the system does it automatically for him. Adittionally, LIVE TV system can also automatically display the ticker (name of the speaker), so the viewers will know who is speaking.

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